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Machined ceramic panels alumina plate panel zirconia ceramics

Materials:95%--99.99%Alumina (Al2O3)/ Zirconia(ZrO2:TTZ,YTZP, ZDY)


Delivery times:2 -25 days(depends on the quantity)

Precision:Ra 0.1um tolerance: 0.001mm... etc

Features:Heat resistance / Wear resistance / High purity / Refractory / High Corrosion / Good Insulation

Customized:Ceramic panels can be custom for special sizes and shapes

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Ceramic plates sheet substrate disc series
Machined ceramic panels alumina plate panel zirconia ceramics

Ceramic panelscan be used for many industies due to machinable ceramic panels have a excellent ceramic property.

Usmachined ceramic panelsincluded alumina panels which called Al2O3 alumina ceramic panels, zirconia ceramic panels and other ceramic raw panels.

The ceramic panel process of high pressure, heat is virtually impossible. Although standard ceramic panels are available, The ceramic can be laid out with staggered or aligned joints. Both tiles and cylinders can be used of different sizes and shapes.

Our alumina ceramic panels:

1. Types ofalumina panels: our alumina ceramic panel plate made by 95% to 99.99% purity Al2O3 alumina raws.

95%--99.99% Alumina (Al2O3)   panel

High purity alumina ceramics panel:

99.99% Alumina ceramic panel ; 99.9% Alumina ceramic panel,

Ordinary alumina ceramics panel:

99.7% Alumina ceramic panel,99.5% Alumina ceramic panel ,99% Alumina ceramic panel,97% Alumina ceramic panel, 96% Alumina ceramic panel ,95% Alumina ceramic panel

Which Alumina ceramic panel is most suitable depends on the customer's requirement.

Our zirconia ceramic panels:

Mg-PSZ (Magnesia - Partially stabilised zirconia panel) – Highest toughness grades

Zirconia panel MS – “Maximum Strength” grade ideal for wear and corrosion solutions and used extensively in materials handling industries.

Zirconia  panelTS – “Thermal Shock” grade provides high resistance to thermal shock and is used in non-ferrous metal extrusion applications.

Y-TZP (Yttria - Tetragonal zirconia polycrystal) - Highest strength and hardness grades with a finer grain structure:

Zirconia 3Y-TZP – A fine grain grade frequently used in the Petrochemical Industry and for applications required to maintain a sharp edge.

Y-FSZ (Yttria - Fully stabilised zirconia) - No transformation toughening.

Zirconia 8Y – An Yttria-Fully stabilised zirconia panel used in applications requiring high temperature oxygen diffusivity/electrical conductivity.

Which  zirconia ceramic panel is most suitable depends on the customer's requirement.

Company Advantage

OEM factory, High quality, Precision processing, Pipelining assembly, 100% QC process, Plentiful stocks, Fast and Safe shipping.

Produce and machining

We can produce different sizes and shapes of the machinable ceramic plate for specific applications to different custom products.Such as drilling, polishing, stripes, concave and convex, screw holes, metal parts position and so on-going

Technical reference of manufacture 
Dimensional accuracyUp to 0.001mm
ConcentricityUp to 0.003mm
ParallelismUp to 0.002mm
The inner hole toleranceThe minimum  0.005mm
Straight fluteThe narrowest 0.1x100mm
The thickness of the sizeMinimum to 0.02mm
The screw threadMinimum internal thread M2
CylindricityUp to 0.004mm
The linear toleranceUp to 0.001mm
The smallest apertureThe minimum 0.07mm
Precision processCNC maching,grinding,lapping
Surface finishGlazed,polishing or metallized
Parts of us oem machined ceramic panels
Length (inch)Thickness (inch)Width (inch)

Remark: our Machinable ceramic plate can be custom by a drawing,

.Size of our machined ceramic panels:

Maximum length as 550mm; Thinnest thickness as 0.02mm; Widest width as 550mm

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