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Photovoltaic ceramic parts

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Photovoltaic Ceramic Parts
Photovoltaic Ceramic Parts

Alumina ceramics and silicon carbide ceramics have been widely used in photovoltaic products. Alumina ceramics can withstand high temperatures above 1000 ° C, have high mechanical strength and chemical stability, and are resistant to acid and alkali, good thermal conductivity, dielectric strength, resistivity, resistance Wear, silicon carbide ceramics have excellent properties such as high strength, large specific surface area, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, good heat insulation, thermal shock resistance and high temperature resistance, which are better than alumina heat sink materials. high temperature performance.

For example, alumina ceramic sheet is used as a heat dissipation material for photovoltaic relays, because alumina not only has excellent mechanical properties, high insulation performance, resistance to voltage breakdown, wear resistance and aging resistance, etc., its temperature resistance range is as high as 1600 ℃, and its thermal conductivity is as high as 25W. , which can fully meet all the heat dissipation requirements of photovoltaic relays.