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Aerospace Ceramics

Technical ceramics contribute to efficient energy, conversion, storage, delivery, and use.

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Aerospace Ceramics
Aerospace Ceramics

Most of the materials used in the aerospace field are used in extremely harsh environments such as ultra-high temperature and strong irradiation. The materials are required to have high specific strength, high specific modulus, high temperature resistance, and anti-ablation characteristics. Although the market size in the aerospace field is limited, its high requirements for material properties have strongly promoted the development of engineering ceramics and technological progress.

The main applications of ceramic materials in the aerospace field are:

Ceramic matrix composites are used for spacecraft shells. Ceramic fiber-reinforced ceramic matrix composites such as carbon fiber or silicon carbide have become indispensable materials for manufacturing spacecraft casings and rocket nozzles.

Nitride composite materials are used for high-temperature wave-transmitting materials. Nitride ceramics such as silicon nitride and boron nitride have excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, low dielectric constant and dielectric loss, creep resistance and oxidation resistance, and can be used as a new generation of wave-transmitting materials; the thermal conductivity of hexagonal boron nitride ceramics It has good performance and strong microwave penetration ability, and can be used as a radar window material; at the same time, its density is small and can be used as a high-temperature structural material for aircraft.