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Other Industries
Other Industries

Alumina ceramics is one of the most researched and widely used materials among new materials. In addition to the above applications, it is also widely used in other high-tech fields, such as aerospace, high-temperature industrial furnaces, composite reinforcement and other fields .

① Aerospace

Alumina-based fibers are widely used in aerospace, which have various properties such as high strength, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, and corrosion resistance. Alumina can be prepared into high-temperature and heat-resistant fibers, which are used in thermal insulation tiles and flexible thermal insulation materials on space shuttles. Not only that, the use of alumina fibers can also be used to strengthen metal-based and ceramic-based composite materials, which are widely used in nozzles in supersonic jets and gaskets in rocket engines.

②High temperature industrial furnace

In the field of high-temperature industrial furnaces, alumina-based short fiber materials are mainly used as thermal insulation refractories because of their low density, good thermal insulation, and low heat capacity. These advantages can not only reduce the weight of the high temperature furnace, but also make the temperature control of the high temperature furnace accurate, and thus more energy-saving.

③ Compound reinforcement

Alumina fiber reinforced metal matrix composites have the characteristics of good mechanical properties, high wear resistance, low expansion coefficient and high hardness, which are due to the good wettability and low interface reaction between the alumina fiber and the metal matrix. These materials have been used in the manufacture of automotive pistons and air compressor blades. Alumina fiber also has a good bond with resin, so it can be prepared into an alumina/resin composite material, which has the characteristics of high elasticity and high hardness, and can be used in fishing rods, golf clubs, snowboards, tennis rackets and other sports equipment manufacturing industries .

In addition, the application of ceramic materials in the textile industry is mainly reflected in: one is ceramic textile parts; the other is ceramic textile fabrics. Ceramic textile parts, characterized by high wear resistance and chemical stability, are installed in key parts of textile machine equipment to greatly improve the speed and quality of synthetic fibers and yarns, such as friction discs, thread trimmers and thread guides. In addition, the researchers used a special process to combine ceramic powder with textiles to prepare fabrics with various functions, further promoting the application of ceramic materials in the textile industry.

Special ceramics in military applications mainly refer to alumina and boron carbide. In the modern military, whether it is the modern weapons of the sea, land and air or other arms, there are parts made of special ceramics. In addition, the ceramic thermal insulation tile on the outer wall of the spacecraft is a glass fiber composite material, which has excellent properties such as light weight, heat resistance, impact resistance, and low thermal conductivity, and is an ideal military thermal insulation material.