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Dongguan Mingrui Ceramics Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of Zirconia ceramics andalumina ceramic structural parts. We have more than 10 senior engineers, technical backbone, more than 60 workshop technicians.

We produce strengthened structure zirconia ceramic bar, ceramic tube, ceramic shaft, ceramic plate, ceramic sleeve, ceramic valve, ceramic plunger and ceramic arm.

The products are applicable to instruments, medical instruments, clocks and electronic products, mills, energy and power, autocar and military and some other high-end areas.

Our ceramic products are mainly used in the industrial field of precision ceramic structural parts, ceramic materials using high-strength zirconia (yttrium stable/magnesium stable/cerium Stable), alumina (97/99/99.5/99.7/99.9/99.99) material.

Production and sales of ceramic structural parts are widely used in instrumentation, food medicine, solar photovoltaic, mechanical hardware, laser semiconductors,   petrochemical, automotive military, aerospace and other high-end fields.

Mingrui ceramics have been concentrated in the field of ceramic finishing for many years. We manufacture ceramic precision components in the performance of a number of institutions and many customers alike, ceramic precision components of the performance are significantly better than the peer products.