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Ceramic flange

Reducer Ceramic Flange
  • Materials:Alumina (Al2O3)/ Zirconia(ZrO2) /Si3N4 /SiC ...etc
  • Sizes:Custom according to the drawings
  • Delivery times:2 -25 days(depends on the quantity)
  • Precision:Ra 0.1um tolerance: 0.001mm... etc
  • Features:Heat resistance / Wear resistance / High purity / Refractory / High Corrosion / Good Insulation...
  • Customized:Can be custom for special sizes and shapes
    1. Factory price and shipment within 24 hours In stocks
    2. MOQ:1qty
    3. Payment Term: PayPal; T/T; L/C etc.
    4. Shipment: by sea by air by courier by post etc.
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  • Reducer Ceramic Flange

    Reducer Ceramic Flange is mainly used in various types of reducer and other equipment. The use of advanced ceramic materials manufacturing, ceramic flange maximum outer diameter can be achieved more than 200mm, with large hardness insulation, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and other superior performance. Can be very good to carry a larger radial force and pumping force, with high reliability can be adapted to frequent positive and negative turn.

    Manufacturing precision:

    Reducer Ceramic Flange machining dimension can be up to plus or minus 0.001mm, the minimum pore diameter can be machined 0.07mm, the minimum tolerance of inner hole can be machined 0.005mm. High precision, high surface smoothness.

    Materials parameter:

    Property Alumina  Property Zirconia
    Bulk density(g/cm3) 3.85-3.93 The density (g/cm3) 6.05
    Hardness(HRA≥) 86 Bibulous rate(%) 0
    Bending strength(Mpa≥) 300 Thermal expansion coefficient(10-6 /k) 10.5
    Maximum service temperature(℃) 1500 Young's modulus of elasticity(Gpa) 210
    Linear expansion coefficient(×10-6/℃) 7.15-7.67 Poisson's ratio(/) 0.3
    Dielectric constant(εr(20℃,1MHz)) 9.21 Hardness (MPa) 1200
    Dielectric loss(tanδ×10-4,1MHz) 2.5 Bending strength (MPa) 950
    Volume resistivity(Ω·cm(100℃)) 9.2*1016 The bending strength (MPa) 210
    The compressive strength(Mpa≥) 2500 Compressive strength (MPa) 2000
    Flexural strength(Mpa≥) 200 Fracture toughness(Mpa.m1/2) 10
    Modulus of elasticity(Gpa) 300 Thermal conductivity (W/m.k) 2
    Poisson's ratio 0.2 Specific resistivity(Ω.mm2/m) >1015
    Thermal conductivity Coefficient(W/m·K(20℃)) 20 Maximum service temperature(℃) 1350
    Dc breakdown strength 43.7 Acid and alkali corrosion resistance(/) strength
    Tensile seal strength(Mpa) 104.4    

    Dimensional accuracy Up to 0.001mm
    Smoothness Highest possible mirror
    Concentricity Up to 0.003mm
    Parallelism Up to 0.002mm
    The inner hole tolerance The minimum  0.005mm
    Straight flute The narrowest 0.1x100mm
    The thickness of the size Minimum to 0.02mm
    The screw thread Minimum internal thread M2
    Cylindricity Up to 0.004mm
    The linear tolerance Up to 0.001mm
    The smallest aperture The minimum 0.07mm
    Visual quality:
    1. No cracks,  no dark dots, no contamination and sharp edges;
    2. Evenly distributed glaze with very smooth surface

    Properties :

    1. High Hardness wear resistance
    2. High precision
    3. Good mechanical strength
    4. High temperature and chemical resistance
    5. Electric insulation
    6. Low thermal expansion
    7. Smooth surface finish
    8. Thermal Shock Resistance 

    Material :  
    1. Alumina ceramic
    2. Zirconia ceramic
    3. Silicone carbide
    4. Silicone nitride
    Lead-time: 20-30 days for mass production, 7-15 days for samples.

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