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Ceramic linear tolerance machining
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Ceramic linear tolerance machining



The maximum allowable variation in the shape and position of the elements in a pattern at a position tolerance.Its annotation not only points out the controlled elements, but also gives the value of the maximum permissible variation, that is, the tolerance value.The elements (points, lines, and surfaces) are controlled within the measured range.

The general tolerances of linear dimensions are the tolerances that can be guaranteed under the general processing conditions of the workshop!Mingrui ceramics can many ceramic products point, line, surface to achieve high requirements!It can guarantee the straightness, concentricity and parallelism of ceramic products.


Machining accuracy
Dimensional accuracy Up to 0.001mm
finish Highest possible mirror
concentricity Up to 0.003mm
parallelism Up to 0.002mm
The inner hole tolerance The minimum machinability is 0.005mm
Straight flute The narrowest machinable groove width is 0.1x100mm
The thickness of the size Minimum machinability to 0.02mm
The screw thread Minimum machinable internal thread M2, no limit on external thread
cylindricity Up to 0.004mm
The linear tolerance Up to 0.001mm
The smallest aperture The minimum processing capacity is 0.07mm

Common tolerance Band features

1. Area within the Circle 2. Two the area between concentric circles
3. Two area between coaxial cylindrical faces
4. The area between two parallel lines
5. The area between the two isometric curves
6. The area between the two parallel faces
7. Two area between isometric surfaces
8. Area within the cylindrical surface
9. Area within the ball

Determining the four elements of the tolerance band determines that the tolerance band should take into account 4 factors such as its size, shape, direction and position.

1) The size---width or diameter of the tolerance band
2) shape of the tolerance band
3) Direction of the tolerance band
4) position of the tolerance band

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