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Structural Ceramics Promote The Development of High-tech
Time: 2021-10-13   Writer: Mingrui Ceramics
Structural ceramics mainly refer to a large class of new ceramic materials that exert their mechanical, thermal, chemical and other properties. They can be used in many harsh working environments, and thus become the key to the realization of many emerging science and technology.
Ceramic Structural Parts

Ceramic Structural Parts
Structural ceramics have superior strength, hardness, insulation, thermal conductivity, high temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature strength, etc. Stability and excellent mechanical properties have attracted much attention in the material industry, and its use range is also expanding day by day.
In the field of space technology, the manufacture of spacecraft requires structural materials and protective materials that can withstand high temperatures and rapid temperature changes, high strength, light weight, and longevity. In this regard, structural ceramics materials have an absolute advantage. Since the first spacecraft began to use high-temperature and low-temperature insulation tiles, carbon-quartz composite ablation materials have been successfully used to launch and recover artificial earth satellites. The development of space technology in the future will rely more on the application of new structural materials. In this regard, structural ceramics, especially ceramic matrix composites and carbon/carbon composites, are far superior to other materials.
The application of high and new technology is the magic weapon for winning modern wars. In the development of the military industry, high-performance structural ceramics play a pivotal role. For example, the success or failure of advanced subsonic aircraft depends on the application of structural ceramics with high toughness and high reliability and fiber-reinforced ceramic matrix composites.
The optical communication industry is currently one of the fastest-growing high-tech industries in the world, with an output value of over US$3 billion worldwide. Its rapid development mainly depends on the research of optical fiber loss mechanism and the use of optical fiber connector structural materials. Our institute has successfully used zirconia toughened ceramic materials to develop optical fiber connectors and sleeves, with excellent performance, which satisfies the development needs of my country's optical communications industry.
With the high density and high power of semiconductor devices, the development of integrated circuit manufacturing industry urgently needs to develop a new type of substrate material with good insulation and fast heat conduction. The high thermal conductivity aluminum nitride and silicon carbide sheets materials that came out in the mid to late 1980s are gradually replacing traditional alumina substrates. In this field, the high thermal conductivity aluminum nitride ceramics developed by our institute have a thermal conductivity of 228 W/m ×K, the performance ranks first at home and abroad. Aluminum nitride-glass composite material has become a research hotspot in the field of contemporary electronic packaging materials. Its thermal conductivity is 5-10 times that of alumina-glass, and its sintering temperature is within 1000°C. It can be used with wiring materials such as silver and copper. Co-fired to produce a multilayer wiring board with good thermal conductivity and electrical properties. The aluminum nitride-glass composite material developed by us has a thermal conductivity of 10.8 W/m×K, which is in a leading position in the world. It satisfies the requirements of miniaturization and densification of large-scale integrated circuits.
Mingrui Ceramics is a professional manufacturer and supplier of ceramic structural parts, providing customers with high-quality customized production. It is a professional structural ceramic solution provider. Ceramic structural parts are widely used in instrumentation, food and medicine, solar photovoltaic, mechanical hardware , Laser semiconductor, petrochemical, automotive and military industry, aerospace and other high-end fields.

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