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What are the applications of precision ceramics in automobiles?
Time: 2021-12-10   Writer: Mingrui Ceramics
At present, automobiles are developing towards lightweight, low-cost, environmentally friendly and intelligent, and the application of ceramics in automobiles can reduce the quality of the vehicle itself, improve the thermal efficiency of the engine, reduce fuel consumption, reduce exhaust pollution, increase the life of vulnerable parts, and improve automotive intelligence. Sexual functions have positive meanings.
Structural Engineering Ceramics in Automotive Industry
Structural Engineering Ceramics in Automotive Industry
1. Ceramic Engine
The higher the combustion temperature in the engine, the greater the power generated, and the higher the fuel efficiency. Materials such as silicon nitride ceramics, zirconia ceramics, and silicon carbide ceramics have super high temperature resistance characteristics and do not require complex cooling systems. Compared with metal, the ceramic engine is small in size and light in weight. Its thermal efficiency can reach about 50%, which can save more than 20% of fuel than metal engines, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving.
At present, ceramic engines are a hot spot in automotive research in the world, and ceramics have been widely used in spark plugs, valves and other components.
2. Ceramic sensor
Functional ceramics with specific properties such as insulation, dielectric, semiconductivity, piezoelectricity, and magnetic permeability are increasingly used in automotive multi-control sensitive components. There are temperature sensors, air-fuel ratio sensors, lean air-fuel sensors, exhaust gas sensors, knock sensors, etc.
3. Ceramic brake disc
Ceramic brake discs are made of reinforced composite ceramics synthesized by carbon fiber and silicon carbide at high temperatures. Ceramic brake discs are cleaner and more durable, have good quietness, high temperature resistance, high friction coefficient, good braking effect, and will not increase the brake disc’s damage. Worn, but the price is higher.
4. Ceramic catalytic converter carrier
In the automobile catalytic converter, cordierite honeycomb ceramic is used as the catalyst carrier. The honeycomb ceramic carrier has a porous, thin structure, high temperature resistance, high strength, and light weight.
5. Ceramic filter
Ceramics can be used in automotive diesel particulate filters. The porosity of the material is selected during processing, which can make the filtration efficiency as high as 90% or more, and at the same time, it can reduce the cost.
6. Ceramic bearings
Ceramic bearings are mainly made of silicon nitride ceramics or oxide ceramics, which have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation, low lubrication and cooling requirements, and long service life.
7. Ceramic spraying car
The material used for ceramic film spraying is mostly zirconia, which has the advantages of good heat insulation effect, high temperature resistance, mature technology and stable quality. The spraying of zirconia on the piston crown and cylinder liner can reduce the heat loss of the engine, reduce the quality of the engine itself, reduce the size of the engine, and reduce the fuel consumption; ceramic spraying on the exhaust valve can increase the service life.
There are many applications of precision ceramics in automobiles. It is understood that dozens of ceramic materials have been used in automobiles. Consumers have high requirements for the economy, safety, comfort, and environmental protection of automobiles, as well as future automobiles. The development of intelligent technology will also make the market demand for automotive ceramics broader.

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