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What is the durability of alumina ceramics?
Time: 2021-01-28   Writer: mingrui

What is the durability of alumina ceramics?

Known alumina ceramics is through high heat sintering alumina as main ingredients and other process molding, in industry and daily life of the alumina ceramics play an important role, the characteristics of alumina ceramics that first is wear-resisting, high temperature resistant, below for your detailed summary of alumina ceramic durability characteristics reflected in which aspects:
What is the durability of alumina ceramics?
1, strong wear resistance.According to the research investigation can understand alumina ceramics high wear resistance characteristics ultra high molecular weight can reach more than hundreds of thousands of above, than the general steel alloy high wear index, wear resistance doubled, and alumina ceramics can be deadly chemical corrosion alumina ceramics greatly improve the service life of the pipeline.
2, the impact of high resistance, the product meets the standard GB1843, this product in the existing engineering plastics has the highest impact toughness value.Alumina ceramic rod obtained good use effect in our country electric power application by virtue of special resisting electric power ability, and can bear bigger wallwall.use electricity safety can be ensured.
3, good self-lubrication lubrication it is very good.Low friction coefficient.The wear-resistant pipe on the surface of heat-conducting ceramic sheet is not connected, so the scale is not large.In addition, alumina ceramic filter pipe and other products are easy to install, easy to assemble and disassemble, and safe and reliable in welding, convenient and fast, no corrosion and smooth lubrication can be used as a pipeline.
4, high temperature resistance of thousands of degrees above, high pressure resistance.Excellent resistance to cracking, the best resistance to environmental stress cracking environmental stress cracking more than thousands of hours, so in the long-term high temperature environment of the harsh environment alumina ceramics can still ensure the temperature performance and safe use of the effect.
The above is the durability of alumina ceramic matching aspect, alumina ceramic sheet USES many, can be used in every field of life is due to the strong durability of the product.
Performance characteristics of wear-resisting ceramics
1. The hardness
Its rockwell hardness is hra80-90, the hardness is second only to diamond, far beyond the wear resistance of steel and stainless steel.
2. Excellent wear resistance
The wear resistance is 266 times that of manganese steel and 171.5 times that of high chromium cast iron.Under the same working condition, the service life of the equipment can be extended by at least 10 times.
3. Light weight
Its density is 3.6-3.9g/cm3, only half of the steel, which can greatly reduce the load of equipment.
4. Good adhesion and heat resistance
Wear-resistant ceramic pieces are well glued with high-strength ceramic structure to ensure that the ceramics will not fall off during long-term operation under high temperature.

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