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Dry Pressing Forming Technology of Zirconia Ceramic Plate
Time: 2021-04-09   Writer: mingrui

Dry Pressing Forming Technology of Zirconia Ceramic Plate

Dry pressing forming is a kind of body forming technology in ceramic production, and it is also the most widely used forming technology.

The dry pressing forming of the zirconia ceramic plate is a forming method of pressing the dry powder blank of the zirconia ceramic plate into a dense body in the model.

Dry pressing of zirconia ceramic plate has been widely used in industrial ceramics, and good results have been obtained.

Because the dry pressing forming of zirconia ceramic plate has less moisture, high pressure and compact body, the raw blank of zirconia ceramic plate with shrinking, accurate shape, and no need to dry vigorously can be obtained.

The dry pressing process of the zirconia ceramic plate has the advantages of simple process, easy batch production, and fewer defects, which is convenient for mechanized and automatic production. Therefore, it is quite suitable for the forming of zirconia ceramic plates with a simple shape and small size, but it is difficult to use general dry pressing for large products with complex shapes.

In the production of zirconia ceramic board, at present, some flat zirconia ceramic plate products are using the dry pressing forming process, which plays a positive role in reducing defects, improving quality, shortening drying time, and simplifying drying equipment. it plays a positive role in saving the gypsum model, improving labor productivity, realizing mechanization automation, and so on.

Therefore, for zirconia ceramic plates, it is suitable to use dry pressing to form some zirconia ceramic plate products.

The typical application senario of dry pressed zirconia ceramic plate is the back cover of the smartphone, like Xiaomi Mix 2, and Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra.

With the improvement of recognition and acceptance of zirconia ceramic plates in various industries, zirconia ceramic plates will be more used in a variety of high-precision scenarios.

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