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Ceramic machining parts with very high precision
Time: 2021-03-10   Writer: mingrui

Ceramic  machining parts with very high precision

In the mechanical processing industry, precision Ceramic  machining parts processing is exponential control mechanical processing, will need to be processed drawings programming, and then the computer is connected to the Ceramic  machining parts  machining machine tool, through the computer program to command the operation of Ceramic  machining parts machining machine tool, so as to complete precision parts processing.Precision Ceramic  machining parts  processing is mainly suitable for large quantities, small quantities of many kinds of spare parts processing, Ceramic  machining parts  precision is very high.

First of all, we need to know the shape, position and size of the workpiece before precision Ceramic  machining parts machining.Measure whether the size of billet conforms to the requirement of drawing.
Ceramic  machining parts machining process after the completion of rough machining self-check, error data can be adjusted in time.The main content of self-inspection is the size of the position of the processing part.
(1)Ceramic  machining parts  processing technology collision number starting point is correct;
2) The dimensions from the machining parts of Ceramic  machining parts to the reference point do not meet the requirements of the drawings;
V (3) mechanical parts are not loose in the process of processing;
4) the location and size of Ceramic  machining parts.
Ceramic  machining parts shall be finished after rough machining confirmation. Self-inspection of the parts shall be completed, and the workpiece shall be removed and sent to the inspector for special inspection after confirming that the parts are in accordance with the drawings and process requirements.

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