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Ceramic heating plate application field
Time: 2020-10-14   Writer: mingrui

Ceramic heating plate application field

Ceramic heating plate is a kind of constant temperature device specially used for heating pretreatment of all kinds of analysis samples. It is a good helper for sample heating digestion, boiling, steaming acid and other treatment. It is often used in the laboratory for heating, digestion, acid processing of test samples, and is a relatively common equipment on the market, as well as an essential laboratory instrument.

Although there are more and more equipment for sample pretreatment and more and more intelligent, some experimental operations still need a simple heating plate for processing.
Also see the importance of the heating plate.
The heating plate is an essential instrument in the laboratory. It is highly used and can be used in a wide range of fields.

The following is about the ceramic heating plate several major application fields:
1. Water resources are becoming more and more important to human beings, especially in some countries that are short of water. Ceramic heating plates can digest sewage, drinking water and sewage, and the treatment of water quality can detect heavy metals in water quality and determine whether water quality can be used and modified.
2. Soil is also an issue that the country attaches great importance to at present. Ceramic heating plate can degrade soil, silt and slime, etc.
3. In terms of agricultural food inspection, ceramic heating plate can digest and heat milk powder, fish, vegetables, tobacco, plants, fertilizer, etc.
4. In terms of product quality control, ceramic heating plate can handle cosmetics, non-staple food and industrial products, etc.
5. Scientific research on ceramic heating plate can help experimental analysis and project development.
6. In the aspect of disease prevention and control, ceramic heating plate can also be used for digestion of biological samples, human hair, etc., and the effect is also quite good.
Maintenance of ceramic heating plate after use
1. Wipe the working surface of the experimental heating plate clean, and do not have water or dirt on it.
2. Place sample test bottles or other utensils.
3. Switch on the power and close the power switch.
The indicator light is on, the heating plate is in working state, and there will be an alarm at high temperature.
4. Adjust the temperature control knob to the required temperature. When the heating plate is in working state, there should be a person to take care of it.
5. After work, turn off the power switch and cut off the power.

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