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The advantages and introduction of ceramic knife blade
Time: 2020-10-14   Writer: mingrui

The advantages and introduction of ceramic knife

First, take care of the stomach and intestines health
Usually, metal to rust easily, and ceramic knife will not be hydrochloric acid, chlorine, salt water corrosion such as solvent, so will not breed bacteria, also won't leave any peculiar smell in the food, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, no rust, non-magnetic, non-conductive features, can protect intestines and stomach health, the most suitable as newly weaned baby cooking tools.
Resist food oxidation food cut with Ebo ceramic knife can be kept in the air for a long time without oxidation, and there will be no chemical reaction between food and knife, no substances produced, no damage to the flavor of fresh food, and no harm to health.

Second, fully personalized design
Ceramic knife blade and knife surface uniform, bright color, white as jade, easy to clean.
The handle is made of all-ceramic material with streamlined design, which is consistent with the posture of the hand. It feels comfortable and handy when used.
And the weight is only 1/2 of the weight of similar metal tools, light as a leaf, will not cause wrist pain.
Let's cut and enjoy the fun of free writing.
Three, keep long sharp
Ceramic knife using high-tech precision processing and manufacturing, its hardness is second only to diamond.
The tool has a long and durable life and can be kept sharp for 60 times longer than a steel knife of the same shape and size.

Four, keep a bit of nutrition
Because the ceramic blade is extremely sharp, the friction force is small, so in the process of cutting meat will not compress the texture, can keep food molecules intact, prevent nutrient loss, and processing food is not easy adhesion.
It's perfect for cutting vegetables and fruits.
Use tips
1. Do not pat, stick, beat or cut bones or frozen food with all-ceramic knife to avoid damaging the body and blade.
2. Avoid heavy fall or external impact.
3. The blade is sharp, please do not let the child use it alone.
Please check your baggage when you fly.
Zirconia ceramic knife, also known as "noble knife", sharp edge, wear resistance, not rust;
Do not react with food, keep the original color and taste of food;
Health environmental protection, elegant and beautiful, is a symbol of status and taste.

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