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Thermal conductive ceramic piece
Time: 2020-07-10   Writer: mingrui
Thermal conductive ceramic piece widely used in hybrid integrated circuit interconnection substrate, microwave devices, photoelectric communications, sensors, MCM and other fields.It includes photoelectric device substrate, ceramic carrier, laser carrier, chip capacitor, chip power distributor, sensor, fork capacitance and spiral inductance, etc.
Thermal conductive ceramic piece also can call Thermal conductive ceramic plate,Thermal conductive ceramic sheet,Thermal conductive ceramic disc.Different industries have different names.But it's actually a ceramic plate.
Thermal conductive ceramic piece

Thermal conductive ceramic chip is a kind of application in electronic components cooling ceramic pieces, ceramic pieces are divided into alumina ceramic chip and aluminum nitride ceramic piece, these two kinds of material of ceramic chip has good heat transfer rate, fast heat conduction of components to radiator, itself has excellent electrical insulation properties, excellent wear resistance, light weight, high density thermal efficiency.Ceramic chip is mainly used in high-power IC chip, MOS tube, IGBT module, power module and other electronic equipment, it is the ideal thermal insulation material for high-frequency electronic equipment.

Thermal conductive ceramic piece

Thermal conductive alumina ceramic sheet is composed of 96 alumina or 99 alumina ceramics, the thickness of the ceramic sheet can be from 0.1mm to 25mm, enough to withstand the high temperature above 1700℃, thermal conductivity 25~28W/ m-K, aluminum nitride ceramic sheet thermal conductivity is 5-8 times of alumina;To-220, 247, 3P and other series of electronic packaging components have a large number of conventional dimensions.
 Thermal conductive ceramic piece
An ideal thermal interface materials should have the following characteristics:
 (1) relatively high thermal conductivity performance.
(2) product flexible, good performance, make the products installed in low pressure conditions can be full of the space interface, make thermal conductive materials and surface contact thermal resistance is small. 
(3) high electric insulation performance is good,
(4) plasticity, convenient installation, with detachable
 (5) versatility, can be applied to all kinds of electronic components, can fill gaps can also fill uneven is large gap.

Thermal conductive ceramic piece
As shown above:

There is no thermal conducting material between the heat source and the heat sink on the left side, and there is a certain gap between them. Therefore, the heat flow to the radiator is too slow, which makes the heat dissipation efficiency very low.
The heat conduction material is filled between the heat source and the heat sink on the right, making the heat source and the radiator closely fit. At this time, the direction of heat flow to the radiator is uniform and rapid, greatly improving the heat dissipation efficiency.

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