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Where is the application of alumina ceramic chip
Time: 2020-02-19   Writer: mingrui
Where is the application of alumina ceramic chip

As we all know, the main raw material of alumina ceramic chip is alumina, with certain unique advantages.It is understood that alumina ceramic chip is a kind of material with high thermal conductivity and high insulation, thermal conductivity of 25W/m.k, withstand 13KV, (silicon film thermal conductivity of 0.6w/m.k. withstand 2KV) with extraordinary performance and excellent price, become the best choice for high-power equipment.

Where is the application of alumina ceramic chip?

1. It is very hot to touch the pipe by hand, but if the heat sink does not get hot, alumina ceramic sheet can be used.

2. For a long time after the product was sold, the broken burners returned by the customer required alumina ceramic chips.

3. After starting up for a period of time, measure the tube waveform from normal to abnormal deformation state and apply it to alumina ceramic sheet

4. If the equipment requires high thermal insulation, alumina ceramic sheet shall be used.

5, more than half an hour after starting up, there are Fried machine, burning tube phenomenon, need to check the circuit when there is no abnormal.

Basically speaking, the application of alumina ceramic chip is in the above case, need to be used.We can see from the application of alumina ceramic chip, alumina ceramic chip is very many benefits.

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