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What are industrial ceramics?
Time: 2020-01-17   Writer: mingrui

Industrial ceramics are those used mainly in chemical plants, for filtration and purification of ceramics, and also for grinding materials.

1. Construction of sanitary ceramics: such as tiles, drainage pipes, facing tiles, exterior tiles, sanitary ware, etc.;

2. Chemical (chemical) ceramics: acid resistant containers, pipes, towers, pumps, valves, acid resistant bricks and ashes for lining reaction POTS for various chemical industries;

3. Electrical porcelain: used for insulators on high-voltage and low-voltage transmission lines in the power industry.Electrical bushing, pillar insulator, low voltage insulator, lighting insulator, telecommunication insulator, radio insulator, etc.;

4. Chemical porcelain: porcelain crucible, evaporating dish, combustion vessel, body grinding for chemical laboratory;

5. Refractory materials: refractory materials used in various high-temperature industrial kilns;

6, special ceramics: used in a variety of modern industry and cutting-edge science and technology of special ceramics products, there are high alumina porcelain, magnesite porcelain, titanium magnesite porcelain, zirconium stone porcelain, lithium porcelain, magnetic porcelain, metal ceramics and so on.

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