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Ceramic Technology
Research and development of high temperature resistant ceramic materials
Time: 2020-01-03   Writer: mingrui


In recent years, the rapid development of aerospace industry has also stimulated the development of high-temperature ceramics due to the higher and higher requirements for thermal equipment such as smelting of high-temperature ceramic materials.It has been proved that the varieties have improved.At present, alumina, silicon carbide, silicon nitride and other single-component high temperature ceramics can not meet the requirements of high temperature operation.Various new composite high temperature resistant ceramics with excellent performance have become the focus of people's attention.

There are many kinds of high temperature resistant ceramic materials.The most common are ceramic coating materials with high temperature resistance on metal surface, ceramic coating materials with high temperature resistance on inorganic non-metallic surface and ceramic plastics.Metal materials have been widely used for their excellent properties, but their corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and high temperature resistance are not ideal.Therefore, it is necessary to carry on the coating protection, take the high temperature ceramic material with good chemical stability as the coating material.

High temperature resistant ceramic materials have special physical and chemical properties, the preparation process is simple, can meet the needs of most high temperature workplace, has attracted the attention of researchers.However, the difference of adhesion between coating and substrate also limits its application to some extent.

The rapid development of petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, aerospace and other industries has put forward higher requirements for the performance of high-temperature resistant materials.But the traditional high temperature ceramic materials can not meet the needs of high temperature operation because of their poor thermal shock resistance and low fracture toughness.Temperature material has become inevitable.In recent years, material workers found that composite materials can well integrate the advantages of a variety of materials, and developed a variety of composite phase high temperature resistant ceramics.In the future high temperature resistant ceramics, the traditional high temperature resistant ceramics composites will become a long-term leading role.

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