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The difference between precision alumina ceramic sheet and ordinary ceramic sheet
Time: 2019-10-15   Writer: mingrui

The difference between precision alumina ceramic sheet and ordinary ceramic sheet


Characteristics of precision alumina ceramic sheet: first of all, the hardness is high, the rockwell hardness can reach hra80-90;Its wear resistance is very good, wear resistance can be higher than manganese steel and high chromium cast iron, can make the service life of the equipment extended more than 10 times;Moreover, the weight of precision alumina ceramic sheet is very light, and its density is 3.65g/cm, which can greatly reduce the load of equipment.Precision alumina ceramic sheet on the equipment adhesion firm, good heat resistance, can be at 350℃ can run for a long time without aging.


What is the difference between precision alumina ceramic sheet and ordinary ceramic

Why precision alumina ceramics will have such a name, actually very simple, that is inside the ordinary ceramic chip components, and to add some extra precision alumina ingredients, so in the name above, and in particular will take out the name of this composition label, so that people can understand well to precision alumina ceramic pieces and what is the difference between ordinary ceramic, thus for these different properties of ceramic materials, also can have a better understanding, which can bring good help for the people, let everyone in the use of these different materials, can be more effectively.

Why can add the composition of alumina technically inside ceramic piece, what is the distinction of such precise alumina ceramic piece and common ceramic, having what different expression again?With such precision alumina ingredients, is that the hardness of ceramic chip has been greatly promoted, especially the precision alumina ceramic chip is currently the highest degree of lubricating material, so in the production of a lot of industrial equipment, has become the best, the most practical one kind of material, now has been fully used.

Precision alumina ceramic sheetThe most critical point is that compared with the ordinary ceramic sheet, the precision alumina ceramic sheet is very different in composition and manufacturing process. The ordinary ceramic sheet is completed by the three processes of raw material preparation, billet forming and kiln firing. Most of the precision alumina ceramic sheet is made by powder sintering technology.Alumina precision ceramics is a kind of alumina precision ceramics.According to the content of alumina in the product can be divided into 99 alumina, 95 alumina, etc.The following by ke zhong precision ceramics to you to introduce 95 alumina precision ceramics.


95 alumina precision ceramic skeletonAlumina precision ceramics are divided into 75 porcelain (75%), 92 porcelain (92%), 95 porcelain (95%), 96 porcelain (96%), 97 porcelain (97%), 99 porcelain (99%), 995 porcelain (99.5%) and 997 porcelain (99.7%) according to the content.
Alumina precision ceramics is alumina as the main material, has a good resistance to chemical corrosion and melting gold properties, high temperature resistance, good finish, thermal stability, thermal expansion coefficient small, good thermal conductivity, mechanical strength, high insulation strength, hardness and corundum the same, wear resistance and super hard alloy match.Can be used for biological precision ceramics, electronic components such as high voltage switch shell insulation material, mechanical parts such as sealing ring valve parts, wear-resistant materials such as wear-resistant precision ceramic ball and rod, high temperature components such as high temperature liquid delivery pipe and other purposes.Ultrasonic wave is needed for washing.Superior performance, more and more widely used to meet the needs of daily use and special performance.

95 alumina precision ceramic partsWidely used in lighting appliances, electric heating appliances, petrochemical, machinery, textile, automobile and other industries, specifications can be customized according to the needs of customers processing.But 95 alumina porcelain is mainly used as corrosion - resistant and wear - resistant components.In addition, 95 alumina precision ceramic material performance is good.In terms of mechanical properties, mechanical properties refer to the ability of a material to act on mechanical forces without damage.Tensile strength, flexural strength and compressive strength are usually different according to the direction and point of force.The tensile strength of 95 alumina precision ceramics is generally greater than 160Mpa than the best sealing strength.

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