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Ceramic dispensing valve classification and performance
Time: 2021-01-28   Writer: mingrui

Ceramic dispensing valve classification and performance

The traditional dispensing valve is mainly made of metal material, but it is not environmentally friendly, not wearable, and there are many deficiencies. The ceramic dispensing valve has wear resistance, super strength, super hardness, high temperature resistance (refractory) and super resistance. Corrosion, never rust, anti-oxidation, insulation, self-lubricating and other excellent properties.
Ceramic dispensing valves are available in both pneumatic and electric versions:
Pneumatic: The dispensing valve is made up of three parts: cylinder, valve body and cylinder.

The cylinder and valve body are separated by advanced sealing material to prevent glue from entering the cylinder. The cylinder and the cylinder are connected to the valve body of the dispensing valve to ensure concentricity with the cylinder. The pneumatic cylinder is moved by the solenoid valve to drive the center rod up and down, and the up and down movement of the center rod is used to achieve the opening and closing of the glue.
According to the way of opening and closing, it is divided into: plunger type dispensing valve, thimble type dispensing valve, lift type dispensing valve, spray dispensing valve, jet dispensing valve; different switching modes, applicable fluids are also Differently, the suckback type dispensing valve adopts the upward movement and the rubber sealing structure, so that the glue is stopped and the glue is broken back at the same time, and the residual glue on the remaining needle is reduced, so that the dispensing does not cause leakage, drawing and the like. The valve body is anodized by aluminum alloy, the sealing material is made of the latest PTFE material, and the contact colloid part is corrosion-resistant material.

Electric: It includes the pump body and the drive part.
It is easy to install with the stator. The stator and rotor structure design makes the sealing performance good. The rotor and stator pair form a self-sealing structure that is easy to replace. The medium conveying function is realized by the directional rotation of the rotor in the stator cavity. The conveying process does not have any effect on the performance of the media. At the same time, the motor can be easily reversed by the motor reversal to ensure the cleanness of the media and materials, no dripping, no pollution!

Ceramic dispensing valve is generally used in common UV glue, silicon, EPOXY, red glue, silver glue, AB glue, COB black glue, conductive glue, heat-dissipating aluminum paste, instant glue, hot melt adhesive application industry: optical, photoelectric industry biochemical industry Photovoltaic solar industry SMD/SMT surface mount semiconductor manufacturing industry, pharmaceutical industry, LCD/LED, laboratory, electronic components industry, semiconductor packaging PCB electronic parts fixing and protection LCD glass board packaging bonding mobile phone board coating or Button dispensing speaker Dispensing battery box dispensing sealing auto parts coating, hardware parts coating and other fields.

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