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Comparison advantage between ceramic needle gauge and tungsten steel white steel needle gauge
Time: 2021-01-20   Writer: mingrui
Comparison advantage between ceramic needle gauge and tungsten steel white steel needle gauge

When it comes to needle rules, it is necessary to explain the stamping die, needle gauge is the stamping mold work when the essential accessories, belong to the replaceable mold supplies.
Needle gauge According to the material, shape, use of different can be divided into ceramic needle gauge, pin gauge, sub-mother needle gauge, tooth needle gauge, hexagonal needle gauge, elliptical needle gauge, molding needle gauge, special-shaped needle gauge and so on. Stamping die in cold stamping processing, the material (metal or non-metallic) into parts (or semi-finished products). Stamping-a pressure processing method that uses a mold mounted on a press at room temperature to exert pressure on the material to produce separation or plastic deformation, thereby obtaining the desired part.
The mold mounted on the press is fitted with a mold accessory, such as a needle gauge, that is directly in contact with the material (metal or non-metallic), allowing the material to be separated or plastic, thus obtaining the required parts.
Ceramic needle Gauge Stamping die is an essential process equipment for stamping production and is a technology-intensive product.
The quality, production efficiency and production cost of stamping parts are directly related to the precision quality of die design and mold fittings. Ceramic needle gauge is the selection of zirconia ceramic material manufacturing needle gauge, according to the production needs of the external type can have a variety of different shapes.
Needle gauge because of the different materials, the appearance is also different, tungsten steel needle gauge color will look darker, and ceramic steel needle gauge color is a little brighter.
Needle gauge can also be called putter, needle, middle needle, pin, etc., sometimes the top of the lathe is also called needle gauge.
Use of needle gauge:
1) in the plastic mold, the product from the mold separation down, is also the most commonly used;
2) cemented carbide needle gauge, such as tungsten steel needle gauge, can be used to pass longer and finer holes;
3) needle gauge is also called the top that is assembled on a lathe or grinder, used to support the workpiece and make the workpiece around its rotation of the head conical metal round rod, but with the plastic mold accessories needle gauge is completely different things;
4) Plastic mold needle gauge can also be used in the mold inside, it can play a solid role, is called the needle. The types of plastic mold needle gauge are: flat needle gauge, round needle gauge, PIN, standard needle gauge, non-standard needle gauge and so on. Plastic mold Needle gauge material has zirconia, tungsten steel and so on.
Ceramic needle gauge toughness is better than tungsten steel; ceramic needle gauge can withstand 1600 ℃ high temperature, surface nitriding treatment can be very good to improve the wear resistance of the needle gauge, tungsten steel needle gauge because of its poor quality, the quality is brittle and easy to break, most of the plastic mold has not assembled and use tungsten steel quality needle gauge. Carbon tool steel processing performance is good, the price is cheap.
But the hardenability and red hardness are poor, the heat treatment deformation is large, the bearing capacity is low. Low Alloy tool steel is the addition of an appropriate amount of alloying element on the basis of carbon tool steel.
Compared with carbon tool steel, it reduces the tendency of quenching deformation and cracking, improves the hardenability of steel, and also has better wear resistance. Commonly used high-carbon high-chromium tool steel has Cr12 and Cr12mov, Cr12mo1v1 (codename D2), they have a good hardenability, quenching and wear resistance, heat treatment deformation is very small, for high wear-resistant micro-deformation mold steel, bearing capacity second only to high-speed steel. 
However, the carbide segregation is serious, it is necessary to carry out repeated upsetting (axial upsetting, radial pull) to change the forging, in order to reduce the inhomogeneity of carbide, improve the performance of use.
High carbon medium chromium tool steels for molds have Cr4w2mov, CR6WV, Cr5mov, etc., which have low chromium content, less eutectic carbide, uniform carbide distribution and large heat treatment changes. Zirconia Ceramics is a relatively extensive application of a new material, with high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-wrestling, self-lubricating and other excellent properties, is the best choice for precision needle gauge materials.

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