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Zirconia ceramics as thermal resistance materials in aerospace
Time: 2021-01-20   Writer: mingrui
Zirconia ceramics as thermal resistance materials in aerospace
Zirconia Ceramics as a high-temperature resistant ceramics, and thermal insulation is very strong, very suitable for use as a heat resistance material, and this heat resistance material can also be used in aerospace, the following will briefly introduce Zirconia ceramics as a heat-resistant material in aerospace applications. In the aerospace sector, scientists are constantly developing faster, safer aircraft to meet the pursuit of fast, comfortable travel life by aircraft passengers and human demands to explore the mysterious world of the universe. The thermal resistance material used on the wing of the Space Shuttle Columbia is made up of ceramic materials.
It is conceivable that the tragedy of the Columbia crash should be avoided if the material is of high enough strength to remain in good condition even in the event of some unavoidable damage.
Zirconia Ceramic Insulation Sleeve
To ensure more reliable flight safety for the future Space shuttle, NASA quickly launched a research program after the Columbia crash, which included a study of a new generation of ultra-high-temperature ceramics for the Space shuttle's thermal resistance materials. In addition to being a heat retardant material for the space shuttle, the application of ultra-high temperature ceramics in the aerospace field includes heat-resistant protective materials for supersonic aircraft, rockets and fuel nozzles for various high-speed aircraft. Aircraft in supersonic flight will be friction with the air, and the production of high temperature, ultra-high temperature ceramics with good heat resistance, can avoid the high temperature aircraft internal zirconia damage.
Rockets to overcome the gravity of the earth to obtain high-speed flight, must have a strong propulsion capacity, so there is bound to be a very high combustion temperature in the fuel nozzle area, and the general material is difficult to meet the needs of this application, which is the use of ultra-high temperature ceramics. At present, the world is emerging to discuss the upsurge of ultra-high temperature ceramics, with the application of a number of high-performance materials, in the aerospace field will trigger a new revolution. As a key material on aerospace vehicles. Ultra-high temperature ceramics will play the role of escort, helping people to constantly break through the limits of speed and space.

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