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Wear factors of alumina ceramic structures
Time: 2020-10-08   Writer: mingrui

Wear factors of alumina ceramic structures

Alumina ceramic structure is a kind of product with a wide range of USES, the majority of users see it is a series of superior performance.But in the actual use process, alumina ceramic structure will inevitably be worn, causing the wear of structural parts are many factors, can effectively prevent the wear of alumina ceramic structure from these aspects.


It is understood that alumina ceramic mold wear by an important factor is a strong external force.In the process of product use, once the impact or pressure, it will lead to alumina ceramic structure wear or broken.Therefore, it should try to avoid collision with objects in the operation process, reduce the damage.



Secondly, if the alumina ceramic structure used for a long time, will also produce a certain degree of wear, but this is a normal phenomenon, it only needs to be replaced after the excessive wear, indicating that the service life of the alumina ceramic structure expired.



In addition, general environmental factors will also cause wear of alumina ceramic structural parts. The so-called general environmental factors should refer to the influence of media, wind force and temperature in the environment, etc. Most of the time, it is due to the long time of wind erosion that the structural parts wear.



At the same time, it may be due to the influence of impurities in the environment, no matter what factors cause the wear of alumina ceramic structure, it should be timely maintenance and replacement parts, not affecting the normal operation.

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