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Alumina ceramics with what methods to grind polishing treatment
Time: 2020-09-16   Writer: mingrui

Alumina ceramics with what methods to grind polishing treatment


After sintering and cooling, alumina ceramics do not represent the end of product processing. Some products do not meet the application requirements, so it is still necessary to process them, such as size correction, polishing and so on.

Diamond and silicon carbide, which are harder than alumina, are ground step by step from coarse to fine.Al2O3 micro powder or diamond grinding paste is used for grinding and polishing.Using laser processing and ultrasonic processing grinding and polishing;Glazing method is required (suitable for products with high requirements on surface smoothness);

Ion implantation is used to process the surface of the material. Ion implantation ceramics is a supplement to the existing toughening mechanism and a deep processing of the prepared ceramic products.For example, the mechanical strength and toughness of ceramic products injected with nickel ions will be greatly enhanced. 

The polishing treatment of alumina ceramics is to increase the surface density of alumina ceramics, so that the ceramic surface is more compact and smooth, which is not only for beauty, but also greatly improve the performance of alumina ceramics.

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