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zirconium dioxide (ZrO ₂) ceramic physical properties
Time: 2020-07-29   Writer: mingrui

The main classification and zirconium dioxide (ZrO ₂)  ceramic physical properties


Zirconia (ZrO ₂) nature of zirconium oxide mineral raw materials, mainly include baddeleyite and zircon.Zircon igneous diagenetic deep mineral, color is light yellow, brown yellow, yellow green, etc., specific gravity 4.6-4.7, hardness 7.5, has a strong metallic luster, can be used for ceramic glaze raw materials.



I. Physical performance data:


1. Properties: natural organic zircon, zircon and zircon.The inclined-zircon type is a yellowish-white monoclinic crystal.

2. Relative density: 5.89

3. Melting point (C) : 2700

Boiling point (C, atmospheric pressure) : 4300

5. Flash point (C) : 5000

6. Solubility: insoluble in water, soluble in hot concentrated sulfuric acid and hydrofluoric acid.A colorless crystal of the equiaxial crystal system above 1000 C with a relative density of 5.6 and a melting point of 2715 C, soluble in water, sulfuric acid and hydrofluoric acid.Zirconate is produced by alkali eutectic with stable chemical properties.

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