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How to change faucet valve core
Time: 2019-03-23   Writer: mingrui

How to change faucet valve core?  Faucet valve core which is good?

Faucet is the wei yu that lives in the life most commonly to have things, deciding people daily life quality, and faucet valve core is the main factor that affects the service life of faucet, so how to change faucet valve core damage?The following will follow small make up to see.

How to change faucet valve core?

1. How to remove the old spool?

Method 1:
Close the total water valve first, and then turn the faucet handle with a red and blue mark of about 8 mm, buckle it down, loosen the fixed screw counterclockwise with a word screwdriver, take off the handle, open the faucet spool with a live wrench, open the upper gland with a wrench, and take out the ceramic spool inside.

Method 2:
First close the total water valve, you can use a screwdriver inserted under the handle of the faucet, left and right up to pry, to pry one side, to slowly, uniform force and stability, so you can take off the spool.

Method 3:
Close the main water valve first, unscrew the blue cover on the right handle, loosen the screw inside with a phillips screwdriver, take off the handle, the valve core is exposed, and then use a monkey wrench to unscrew the valve core.

2, How to replace the new spool?

When the spool is removed, you will see a ring of blue rubber at the bottom of the spool.It is customary for the left spool to have a red rubber bottom and the right spool to have a blue rubber.So change the right spool, or to use the blue rubber spool, the spool installed, the handle inserted, adjust the direction of the hand wheel, handle to both sides of the water off, the direction of the people standing for the boiled water.Install the screws and close the blue cover on the right side to replace the new spool.

Faucet valve core which is good?

Spool manufacturers are not many, relatively well-known domestic hairui, hanter, jisai, Taiwan long, kangqin, Spain circuit, Hungary KEROX, Germany white, Japan valley big.

Sedal circuit spool, produced in Spain, is one of the world's three major spool brands, has its own sole proprietorship in China, and the price is reasonable, and the service can keep up with, long life, leading manufacturers do not have to import from Europe, so the scope of use in China is wide.

Kerox kelos spool, produced in Hungary, is one of the world's three major brands of spool, some said on the Internet that produced in Austria, this we do not have to seriously, like some of the moen gutter faucet is the use of the kelos spool, quality is also very good.

Sousa spool, produced in Italy, is one of the world's three major brands of spool, but generally very rare in China.
Besides still have Taiwan kang qin valve core and valve core for a long time, also be quite good brand, the price is controlled in 10 yuan probably, at present manufacturer of a few bibcock also is being used in home.Include the blue cane flume bibcock that we introduce before, those who use is HENT hante valve core, life also depends on live.

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