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What is textile ceramics?
Time: 2019-03-15   Writer: mingrui

What is textile ceramics?

Textile ceramics, also known as ceramic materials for textile porcelain made of various guide wire pieces (such as guide wire hook, guide wire righteousness, guide wire tube, guide wire ring, guide wire block, etc.), fine porcelain, high hardness, good wear resistance, a smooth surface, the fiber friction coefficient is small.
1. Which one is the main raw material of textile ceramics?And why can it be used in the textile industry?

Textile ceramics, in terms of raw materials, mainly for alumina this one, however, can be some other, but from the current point of view, or to alumina.
Textile ceramics, it can be used in the textile industry, mainly because, this kind of ceramics, with high mechanical strength, hardness, and high frequency dielectric loss, and other advantages, in addition, its insulation performance, as well as corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity, is also very good.So, synthesize its afore - mentioned advantages, just can have afore - mentioned conclusion.And, to be specific, it is mainly used as the thread and silk parts in textile machinery.
2. Textile ceramics, are they ordinary ceramics or advanced ceramics?

Textile ceramics, if, from a professional point of view, then, it belongs to advanced ceramics.Because, the common pottery and porcelain in pottery and porcelain, its basically are for daily use pottery and porcelain, building pottery and porcelain these, so, do not include spin pottery and porcelain this one, so, just say its do not belong to.
3. What is the production process of textile ceramics?In addition, can it only be used in the textile industry?

Textile ceramics, because it is mainly alumina ceramics, so, its production process is for powder sintering technology, thus, to get this kind of ceramics.And its application, besides the textile industry that says above, still can be the supercharger rotor in car engine, and a few bioceramics, because its hardness is high.

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