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Characteristics and grades of textile ceramics
Time: 2019-03-15   Writer: mingrui

Characteristics and grades of textile ceramics

1. What are the main aspects or characteristics of textile ceramics when they are used in the textile industry?

Textile ceramics, the application of this ceramic in the textile industry, its main value is its small friction resistance, and, the surface of the ceramic is smooth, with good wear resistance.Therefore, based on the above advantages or characteristics of textile ceramics, there will be this specific application.And, also can obtain good use result.
2. Can textile ceramics be made at the nano level?In addition, in the textile industry, what are the nano-level materials?

Textile ceramics, it is not for the nano level, because, it has not reached this level, so there will be this conclusion.And, on question one, the answer is no.In addition, in the textile industry, it is possible to use nano-level materials, such as nano-cloth, which can be blended with other materials, thus becoming all kinds of textiles.
3. Does the category of environmental protection ceramics in ceramics include textile ceramics?

The environmental protection ceramics in ceramics this big kind, its main advantage, is to be able to withstand high temperature, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and, its strength is high.Therefore, it can be used in various environmental protection fields, such as the treatment of automobile exhaust emissions, as well as some filtering treatment.And on specific kind, it is to do not include spin pottery and porcelain this kind, so, everybody should understand correctly, cannot make a mistake.

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