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textile ceramic raw materials have selectivity and polishing purpose
Time: 2019-03-15   Writer: mingrui

Whether textile ceramic raw materials have selectivity and polishing purpose

1. Is there a variety of raw materials for textile ceramics?

Textile ceramics, in terms of raw materials, are a variety of choices, for example, you can choose zirconia this one, in addition, can be some other.However, from the current point of view, it is based on zirconia.In addition, this material can be polished, so that its use effect can be improved.
2. If textile ceramics are polished, what polishing equipment can be used?And how polished should it be?

Textile ceramic polishing processing, then, there are many ways, and, also can have a variety of equipment, specifically speaking, there are drum polishing, polishing machine, etc., can also be used to polish the polishing stone.As to which one to choose, it depends on the actual situation and needs.And should achieve what kind of polishing degree, will tell commonly, want to make its surface brightness only, can.
What is the method of making ceramics?Is it suitable for textile ceramics?

Generally speaking, the production method of ceramics is to use clay and porcelain clay as raw materials, and then carry out such processes or steps as batching, molding, drying and roasting.And textile ceramics, it is a kind of ceramics, so, it is also applicable.

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