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Classification of ceramic parts for textile ceramics
Time: 2019-03-15   Writer: mingrui

Classification of ceramic parts for textile ceramics

1. How to understand ceramics?

Ceramics, in simple terms, is a general term for pottery and porcelain. Its traditional concept is an industrial product using inorganic non-metallic minerals such as clay as raw materials.However, according to the introduction of yixing jiulong, a textile ceramic manufacturer, its concept has changed.Specifically speaking, it refers to the natural soil and various natural minerals as the main raw material, through a series of processes and a product.
2. Fiber ceramics, are they ceramic products?

Fiber pottery and porcelain, its can call fireproof fiber again, from the word of professional Angle, it is to belong to pottery and porcelain product, so, on this problem, its answer is.Moreover, textile ceramic manufacturers yixing nine rong think, it is a very good refractory material, with light weight, good insulation effect, and the advantages of convenient construction, in addition, this kind of material, but also has a very good high temperature performance.
3. What subject does ceramic fiber cloth belong to?

The correct answer given by textile ceramic manufacturer yixing jiurong is:
Ceramic fiber cloth, which should be under the textile subject of inorganic materials.Moreover, it is a separate catalog of inorganic materials, because of its fire resistance, heat insulation and insulation, etc.In addition, in this directory, there are ceramic fiber belt, ceramic fiber rope, and ceramic fiber insulation sleeve and so on.So, there are a lot of directories that are included.

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