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Textile ceramics on the main items
Time: 2019-03-15   Writer: mingrui

Textile ceramics on the main items

1. Do textile ceramics need polishing during manufacturing?In addition, is this kind of ceramic widely used in the textile industry?

Textile ceramics, in the manufacturing process, need to be polished, so the answer to the first question is yes, and this is also positive and certain.As for the polishing materials, there are polishing stone and emery.Textile ceramics, a kind of ceramic, is widely used in the textile industry, because it is mainly aimed at the textile industry.
2. Is the manufacturing process of textile ceramics the same as that of ordinary ceramics?

Textile ceramics are different from ordinary ceramics in terms of production and manufacturing process, because ordinary ceramics are prepared for raw materials, blank forming and kiln firing, while textile ceramics are powder sintering technology. Therefore, this conclusion can be drawn.
3. Can ceramic coating be used on textile ceramics?

Can say, go up in spinning and weaving pottery and porcelain, it is ok to use pottery and porcelain coating, so, go up in this problem, its answer is, should notice is nevertheless, should use the coating of food grade, and, still should have very good high temperature resistance performance, such, can be at ease use, thereby, avoid the problem such as pollution.

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