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What industry of spin pottery and porcelain USES more what is its craft?
Time: 2019-03-15   Writer: mingrui

What industry of spin pottery and porcelain USES more what is its craft?
1. In which industries are textile ceramics frequently and widely used?In addition, what are the considerations for the application in these industries?

Textile ceramics, from the current point of view, is used in the textile industry, is more frequent and extensive, and, this in its name, can also be seen.As for its concrete application, it is on the loom.And the textile industry USES textile ceramics, from the friction side, to consider, mainly because this ceramic has the characteristics of smooth and durable, therefore, the friction resistance is small, has a good effect.
2. Textile ceramics are classified according to what standards and are thus obtained?

Textile ceramics, from a professional point of view, it is by the use of ceramic classification, thus, to get.Besides textile ceramics, there are other kinds of ceramics, such as architectural ceramics, sanitary ceramics, chemical ceramics and electronic ceramics.
3. What is the material of textile ceramics?And what are the process methods?

Textile ceramics, its material, mainly for the zirconia this one.And, in this material, when it is used, it needs to be polished, so the tools it will use are polishing stone and emery and so on.As to, this kind of craft method of pottery and porcelain, it is to have injection model model, static press model, and hot die casting these 3 kinds.Therefore, according to the actual situation, to choose and determine.

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