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Why is the zirconia ceramic mobile phone back cover more widely used?
Time: 2018-12-29   Writer: mingrui

Why is the zirconia ceramic mobile phone back cover more widely used?

The ceramic used in the cover of the mobile phone is a functional ceramic zirconia ceramic with electrical, magnetic, thermal, optical and other properties. It is used in the cover of the mobile phone, which is more durable, wearable, light, non-shielded, good in heat dissipation and good in feel.

Since the breakthrough in the research of ceramic materials applied to the back cover of mobile phones, people have become interested in the material of zirconia ceramics. At present, with the development of mobile communication technology, the existing antenna layout structure in mobile phones cannot meet the needs of the times, and the metal back cover which has a shielding effect on signals is also criticized. The back cover of the mobile phone represented by zirconia ceramics The application of materials is on the horizon.

Zirconia ceramic cover
It is worth noting that the iphone8 released last year uses double-sided glass material, it is easy to see that the upgrade of the traditional mobile phone shell material is inevitable. The 5G era is quietly coming. The wavelength of the millimeter wave of this signal is very short, and it is very susceptible to interference from metal media. Ceramics have inherent advantages in this respect, which is more conducive to signal transmission.

In addition, the white jade texture of ceramics also makes people have a special liking for this material, which can not only improve the grade of mobile phones, but also create a perfect experience. These advantages are reflected in the millet MIX using zirconia ceramics. .

With the increasing production capacity of zirconia ceramic back cover and the continuous improvement of product quality, many mainstream mobile phone brands at home and abroad may have ceramic back cover as the first choice in the future, and this trend has begun to appear.

At present, the trend of the mobile phone industry is changing rapidly, and the demand of consumers is also rising. The zirconia ceramics need to continuously increase the intensity of technical research to realize the wider application of ceramic materials in mobile phones and other terminal products.

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