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Alumina ceramic
Alumina Ceramic Products - Free Sample、Fast Shipping、High Precision、Factory Price
As a advance technical alumina ceramics manufacturer
We can offer alumina ceramics products with different proportions(95%-99.98% Al2O3).
Alumina ceramics have a excellent properties for chemical and physical stability.
Thermal properties: High heat resistance and high thermal conductivity...
Mechanical properties: High strength and high hardness...
Other properties: High electrical insulation, high corrosion resistance...
99% Alumina ceramic is used to make high-temperature crucible, furnace tube and special wear-resistant materials, such as ceramic bearing, ceramic seal and water valve sheet, etc.
95% alumina ceramic is mainly used as corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant parts.Due to the addition of talc, the electrical properties and mechanical strength are improved, which can be sealed with molybdenum, niobium, tantalum and other metals, and some are used as electrical vacuum devices.

-Ceramic rod -Ceramic ring -Ceramic nozzle -Ceramic sheet -Ceramic pump
-Ceramic tube -Ceramic plunger -Ceramic pin -Ceramic flange -Ceramic valve
-Ceramic plate -Ceramic bushing -Ceramic parts -Ceramic measuring tool - Others
As a ceramic factory,we are major in alumina ceramic manufacturing.and supply the best customized service for our customer with precision alumina ceramic parts.High quality,Factory price, Fast delivery.Lead time:within 20 days for the mass with free sample of mass.
For more information about ceramics,please contact our engineers in time
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